Soderling: the biggest “zebra” of Roland Garros

Soderling: bye Federer, welcome back Nadal! Picture from Wikimedia Commons

Robin Sorderling made history today in Paris beating Roder Federer one year after eliminating Rafael Nadal of the same tournament.

The Swedish tennis player overcome all odds and defeat Federer in four sets – 3/6, 6/3, 7/5 and 6/4. It was his first victory against the Swiss in 12 matches.

Exactly one year and one day ago, he did the same thing against Rafael Nadal and helped Federer to lift the French Grand Slam trophy for the first time.

Now, he is giving a hand to Nadal try to be the number one again. The Spanish will be the best tennis player of the season again if he wins Roland Garros.

Well, Nadal has at least one big problem: a big Swedish “zebra” called Soderling…


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Milito: a man to be watched on the World Cup

Milito: two goals and 2X0 in Champions League Final - Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Two shots. Two on target. Two goals. Diego Milito made everything Inter Milan needed to beat Bayern Munich and win the Champions League trophy in Madrid tonight.

The Argentine “man of the match” was not only fast, intelligent, efficient.

But after receiving two incredible passes, he showed the best quality of the greatest strikers: coldness. Enough to give final numbers to the final: 2X0.

Milito is one of the six forwards of Maradona’s “dream attack” to the World Cup. Among his team mates, there are incredible names as Leo Messi, Carlitos Tevez and Kun Aguero.

But definitely, Milito goes to South Africa as one of the favorites to be 2010’s top scorer.

Unfortunately (for us, Brazilians), he is Argentinean.

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Brazilian squad is ready to go!

Not this time, Ronaldinho... - Picture from Wikimedia Commons

Brazilian coach Dunga has just announced the 23 players that will play in South Africa.

The big surprises are the presence of Grafite (Wolfsburg ) and the absence of Adriano (Flamengo – top scorer of the last Brazilian championship).

As expected, Ronaldinho is out of the Brazilian team on the World Cup. In my opinion, his behavior out of the pitch – and I’m talking about his nightlife – was decisive to Dunga’s choice. Ronaldinho has not been acting as an athlete for a long time, unfortunately.

Here is the whole list:

Goalkeepers:Julio Cesar (Inter Milan), Gomes (Tottenham) and Doni (Roma)

Defenders: Maicon (Inter Milan), Dani Alves (Barcelona), Michel Bastos (Lyon), Gilberto (Cruzeiro), Lúcio (Inter Milan), Juan (Roma), Luizão (Benfica), Thiago Silva (AC Milan)

Midfielders: Gilberto Silva (Panathinaikos), Josué (Wolfsburg), Felipe Melo (Juventus), Kleberson (Flamengo), Elano (Galatasaray), Ramires (Benfica), Kaká (Real Madrid), Júlio Baptista (Roma)

Forwards: Luís Fabiano (Sevilla), Nilmar (Villareal), Robinho (Santos) and Grafite (Wolfsburg).

Click here to check out my exclusive interview with Gomes – Tottenham and Brazil’s goalkeeper.

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Booked… dead

Player is yellow-carded after having a heart attack - Picture: Wikimedia Commons

A Croatian player was yellow-carded despite of being dead on a football pitch.

Goran Tunjic had a fulminant heart attack during the macth between Mladost FC and Hrvatski Sokol for Croatia’s fifth division championship.

According to Croatian Times, the 32-year-old defender was booked because the referee thought he was faking a penalty kick.

Tunjic was taken to a local hospital, but could not be revived.

Do I have to say anything else?

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“Brazil isn’t on the right way to the World Cup”

Isn't it time to be a champion out of pitch, Brazil? - Picture: Wikimedia Commons

The quote above is not about 2010 World Cup, but 2014. And it was said by Fifa’s general-secretary Jerome Valcke during an interview about Brazilian preparation to the football’s biggest event.

“I’ve received some reports about stadiums and they are not good at all,” said Fifa’s .

Mr Valcke criticized not only the delays on staidiums’ reconstruction, but also the lack of infra-structure in airports.

“Brazil has wanted a World Cup  for a long time, but now it has to act,” he said to Brazilian journalists.

“And it has to be done not only for Brazil, but for the whole South America. World Cup is tomorrow morning.”

It may be a surprise to international media the fact that the “only country that was not affected by the Credit Crunch” do something like this.

But you can believe me: this is so not a surprise to a Brazilian journalist.

Hope they start acting now!

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Ronaldo (Corinthians) X Transvestites (Flamengo)

Flamengo will have an unusual support against Corinthians on the first match of Libertadores knock out stage: 20 transvestites!

Ronaldo is about to face 20 transvestites in Maracanã - Courtesy of Ricardo Stuckert (Wikipedia)

The black-red fans hired the drag queens as a trial to bother Corinthians forward Ronaldo.

The Fenomeno was involved in a polemic situation in 2008, when a transvestite declared they spent a night together.

I don’t believe an experienced professional player like Ronaldo will be affected by such provocation.

But it’s undeniable how creative football fans can be!

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Huge crowds… but not on the stadiums!

Flamengo and Corinthians have the highest number of fans in Brazil, but they have the worst average of attendance amongst Brazilians in Libertadores, polls say today.

Maracanã: the world's biggest stadium hasn't been that crowded in Libertadores - Courtesy of Arthur Boppre (Wikipedia)

The first numbers are from Datafolha and they say Flamengo has amazing 22,6 million fans all over Brazil. Corinthians is the second on the country with respectable 17,8 million.

The problem is these huge crowds have not been going to Maracana and Pacaembu stadiums.

According to newspaper O Globo, both teams have the lowest Brazilian average of attendance in this edition of Libertadores Cup.

While Sao Paulo takes around 39,000 fans to Morumbi every match, Corinthians takes 30,000. Flamengo is even worse: 22,000 fans.

The number of fans is something discussed a lot in Brazil as if it was a sort of “Football club’s greatness sign”.

But as we can see it doesn’t prove that a team has real support during the tournaments.

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